The Boxscore Geeks Show

Stat padding, blockbuster trades, the MVP race, and more!

  • Embiid and Stat Padding
  • MVP Race, can a player be an MVP w/ 65 games played?
  • The Detroit Pistons / Washington Wizards "Blockbuster Trade" and if Marvin Bagley should dethrone Same Bowie as the biggest draft bust.
    • A history lesson about how Moneyball is a misleading narrative.
  • We discuss Pascal Siakam's possible spot. Spoiler, we think Dallas was a better fit than Indiana.
  • We also question DeJounte Murray and if he should return to the Spurs.
  • We don't believe Mikal Bridges is on the block but do question if a change of scenery would help.
  • A brief Warriors check in!
  • A Victor Wembenyama check-in, and like most rookies he started out a bit rough. Unlike most rookies, a mere 40 games into the season he's playing star level. Watch out!

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Dre and Brian return to talk a whole lotta Warriors as well as the Knicks/Raptors "blockbuster trade", the Rookie of the Year Race and why the Thunder have Rookie of the Year and MVP. Tune in!

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