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The NBA season is upon us and we review the state of a small small portion of the NBA thanks to the great data from Hispanos NBA (

Thanks to co-host Chris Yeh for coming on to predict his Lakers would win the 1st seed out West again. Andres counters his Nuggets will win the #1 seed. Where Brian says the Warriors are a team that plays basketball.

You can find Chris at, @chrisyeh on Twitter, and make sure to check out his two New York Times best sellers: Blitzscaling and the Alliance. Both co-written by Reid Hoffman (and Ben Casnocha for the Alliance). As we note on the show Chris and Reid are the Terry Pratchet and Neil Gaiman of the Business writing world!

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New York Times Best Seller (among many many other accolades!) Chris Yeh returns to talk three of his birthday wishes. In the order we talk about them:

A Biden victory!

A Dodger's Championship

  • That Kershaw guy is pretty good!

A Lakers Championship

As always check out Chris Yeh at and thanks for listening!

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We're all about the second round of the NBA playoffs, including the Nuggets ridiculous 3-1 comeback. Can they take down the Lakers, who have a history of destroying them? Well, we talk about it with special guest Chris Yeh.

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We play our regular game: Analytics Pickup where we each provide a set of answers to a question and then draft the top six.

Today's question: "What are the biggest almost events in NBA history that would have had huge ramifications."

We always start out with an example, which, this week, also won the game. Spoilers below on the winning entries, so don't scroll down if you don't want them ruined. And tune in for the other answers as well as some that didn't make the cut!



1. Steve Ballmer buys the Sonics and keeps the in Seattle.

2. The NBA copies the ABA and allows underclassmen and high schoolers straight into the NBA in the 60s.

3. Michael Jordan doesn't retire in 1993.

4. The Orlando Magic roll "lucky 7s" in the Summer of 2000 and get a healthy Grant Hill, Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, and maybe even Ben Wallace on their squad.

5. The ABA successfully signs Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to the New York Nets.

6. The Philadelphia 76ers keep Sam Hinkie after the Ben Simmons draft.

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We look at Tracy McGrady's most impactful 33 seconds and how they represent his entire career:


Basketball-Reference link of the game.

BBallBreakdown's Video on Tracy McGrady's Effortless Scoring.

Boxscore Geeks: Tracy McGrady's Career Wins Produced

Outro Music is Pure Magic by Chris Haugen -- thanks YouTube Public Domain Music!


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We play a geeky analytics game. Dre and an "opponent" each come with five NBA ideas on a theme. We list each person's idea, discuss it, then "draft" our top six (starting five and a bench general).

Today's topic was "Forgotten but Effective NBA Strategies."

This was a "pilot" episode, so we had some sound and rules issues, but in the end, a ton of fun, so we're sure we'll be doing it again!

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We talk: The NBA 's Florida Bubble plan in Disneyworld. We hope we're wrong but we're not optimistic about it. Good podcast with Ari Caroline at TrueHoop about it -

We talk Paul George's reason for leaving Indiana (because, topical!) and why he was right but it's a problem the NBA has always had and will continue to have.

We talk about how with no basketball being played "comparing" players gets interesting. For instance, Donovan Mitchell vs. Rudy Gobert become a much different topic.

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We review MJ's career including:

How MJ is properly rated -- for the wrong reasons.
How underrated some of MJ's teammates were.
How the NBA and the Spurs gifted MJ his second three-peat.

Tune in!

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We talk about the 80s/90s Lakers and Bulls. Chris Yeh's great podcast. The reality TV show Mental Samurai!

Full show notes -

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We start the podcast talking politics. Sorry, one of us lives in Wisconsin! Skip to minute 18 if you want to avoid it.

We discuss the potential Rudy Gobert / Donovan Mitchell schism in Utah and how the Warriors could benefit.

We compare Steph Curry to Chris Mullin and Draymond Green to Scottie Pippen, kind of.

In our lightning round we talk:

Our "What We're Watching" this week:

  • Onward on Disney+
  • Better Call Saul
  • Peaky Blinders
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We recorded this March 24th, so obviously the COVID-19 news has been a large part of both the sports and regular media. We try not to talk it too much, but obviously it does still come up a decent amount.

We talk: Analytics and how we're saddened but not shocked by the public response to experts.

On a lighter note, we review the 2015-2016 NBA season and how the Spurs were supposed to lose and the Warriors were supposed to win.

We talk the 2020 NBA season being postponed and why we don't think it's coming back.

Some recommendations for NBA-alternatives:

  • Brian: Vikings TV show (for some people, not for everyone. You know who you are!)
  • Brian: The Expanse. Apparently one of the best sci-fi shows out.
  • Dre: The Unpopular Opinion Podcast Network -
  • Dre: Gamefully Unemployed Podcast Network - (particular Jeff and Tom watch Batman and the Highlander podcast series!)




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We talk Free Throws and NBA shooting "Advances" or lack thereof. The Smallball Rockets, how the NBA is wrestling, and more. Apologies on the late release, last week was hectic!

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When we grade "bad trades" should we grade based on the disparity between talent or on how bad the contract the team gets back.

We talk the Warriors and if they can redeem themselves from this bad season.

We also deep dive the 76ers and how royally they wasted "The Process."

We talk about how the Dunk contest is outdated and you either keep it around for tradition or scrap it. There is no "fixing it."

We didn't do show notes, but we did a podcast on Kobe Bryant right after his death. If you missed it, check out our iTunes/YouTube channels, or here's the link.

We talk about the Elam ending in the All-Star game. And no, this isn't the great Broncos Kicker's idea.

We congratulate Kawhi on winning All-Star MVP and note how much better it is that he's in LA than San Antonio. In San Antonio, he didn't make the All-Star game right after winning Finals MVP and DPOY.

We talk Kyrie Irving's season-ending injury and Joseph Gill's point about how maybe the NBA needs to take over the development of future stars instead of trusting institutions like the AAU and NCAA.

We love Trevor Bauer's rant on how the MLB is hurting its future.

The Rockets sign Jeff Green and we kind of wonder if the "Analytics Revolution" is a myth.

Our take on TV ratings? It's a complicated system and no one knows anything for sure.

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We talk:

The D'Angelo Russell / Andrew Wiggins swap, full of memes Brian has come up with to describe the situation.

The end of the Andre Iguodala / Memphis Grizzlies WWE angle.

The Clint Capela trade, and how everyone won but the Rockets.

The Andre Drummond trade, and how it shows market inefficiencies.

We also talked Patrick's Vegas picks and NBA All-Star snubs.

Tune in!

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We got some good Kobe comments in response to last week's show.

We talk the NBA trade deadline and why the Warriors probably won't move D'Angelo Russell but maybe should.

We also talk some other trade deadline topics including Andre Iguodala.

We talk the Superbowl and analytics with some good insights from 538.

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We talk Kobe Bryant's passing, his legacy (the good and the bad), and how nerdy analytic people cope with grief (it involves redirecting anger toward transportation systems)

We also talk about the great WNBA new CBA and how there is optimism in the WNBA's future.

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E.J. joins Brian, Dre, and Patrick to discuss a few issues with the most recent installment of Star Wars. We get a few sports metaphors in though! Tune in!

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We talk:

A whole lot about the World Blitz Chess Championship, with some comparisons/observations to sports and analytics.

Kristaps Poringis' post-ups, Carlisle's weak defense, and BBallbreakdown's great video on the subject.

David Stern's legacy.

Tune in!

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