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Many NBA fans love following the draft each year, but not Dre Alvarez! Tune in for more draft hate and major sports media ridiculousness.

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The Warriors have a title and Iguodala was the "MVP"? The Pistons, Bucks, and Clippers make some savvy offseason trades. And the draft is a myth. Tune in!

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This week we talk the NBA Finals, how absurd LeBron's play has been, if smallball works, and how Bron compares to MJ and Iverson. Tune in!

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We talk the #NBAFinals, LeBron James' dominance, and the Warriors missing offense. It's another Boxscore Geeks Show!

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We recap the Warriors vs. the Rockets. Does the NBA have a problem with how it risks its star players? And LeBron is pretty impressive. It's another Boxscore Geeks Show! Tune in.

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