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Dre and Brian are back to recap the 2024 NBA Finals. How do the 2024 Celtics rack up all time?

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Professor David Berri returns to talk "Slaying the Trolls" the book he wrote with UMass' Vice Chancellor for Equity and Inclusion Nefertiti Walker. It deconstructs many of the myths in women sports, and touches on a lot of NBA and WNBA, which we love!

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Dre and Brian return to talk the Conference Finals and some of the previous NBA Playoffs. Do the Wolves have a chance? We recorded this before Luka definitively answered no. Also some sad Bill Walton talk and some WNBA talk.

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Dre and Brian are back to talk

  • The opening round of the NBA Playoffs
  • Our thoughts on the various award finalists
  • The "rule changes" the NBA has had in regards to fouls
  • The WNBA!
  • Some thoughts on the FIDE Chess Candidates tournament
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We're back to talk:

  • Super Tuesday!
  • Can the Warriors win with the Rookie of the Year?
  • Gotta keep up the Victor Wembenyama love!
  • A fun stroll down memory lane and why the blogging analytics movement fractured, crashed, and burned, but why analytics still won.
  • Tune in!
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Recorded 2-13-2024

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For the first time in awhile we got some promo codes! Paydirt24 over at!
  • A little football talk to start!
  • we check in on the OG Anunoby trade and revisit a segment we call "Brian is Right"
  • We analyze the Kyle Lowry for Terry Rozier deck chairs trade.
  • We talk about NBA All-Star starters and how we're pretty much fine with them.
  • We also discuss All-Star rules and the Steph Curry vs. Sabrina Ionescu matchup.
  • We briefly talk about the NBA salary cap, moving on!
  • We discuss Luka Doncic's 73-point game, the top games so far this NBA season, and the top scoring games.
  • We talk about the MVP race, Joel Embiid's injury, and Doc Rivers getting to coach again.
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Stat padding, blockbuster trades, the MVP race, and more!

  • Embiid and Stat Padding
  • MVP Race, can a player be an MVP w/ 65 games played?
  • The Detroit Pistons / Washington Wizards "Blockbuster Trade" and if Marvin Bagley should dethrone Same Bowie as the biggest draft bust.
    • A history lesson about how Moneyball is a misleading narrative.
  • We discuss Pascal Siakam's possible spot. Spoiler, we think Dallas was a better fit than Indiana.
  • We also question DeJounte Murray and if he should return to the Spurs.
  • We don't believe Mikal Bridges is on the block but do question if a change of scenery would help.
  • A brief Warriors check in!
  • A Victor Wembenyama check-in, and like most rookies he started out a bit rough. Unlike most rookies, a mere 40 games into the season he's playing star level. Watch out!

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Dre and Brian return to talk a whole lotta Warriors as well as the Knicks/Raptors "blockbuster trade", the Rookie of the Year Race and why the Thunder have Rookie of the Year and MVP. Tune in!

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