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Dre and Patrick are back to talk: the NBA's new TV deal, the upcoming CBA, and some over/unders for the upcoming season.


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The NBA's TV Deal and Upcoming CBA

Explanation of new TV deal courtesy of Kevin Draper.

Lebron and Deron had some words about the new CBA because of the TV deal.

Patrick has some words on how there is no such thing as ballooning salaries.

I said the players should strike the 2017 playoffs. Astute reader AL_S pointed out that this is against the current CBA (page 328). The owners also agree to not to lockout, but, of course, why would they lockout the players during the CBA?

Durant just signed a show deal worth more than his contract!

The top players in the NBA have a lot of power. Dave Berri has suggested these players just start their own league to negotiate during lockouts.

The NBA made some major progress for players in the 1970s when the ABA was around. Haywood got the age limit removed. Robertson made sure players had free agency.

Players like Durant want to get rid of the max contract. As Patrick points out, the max contract is a misguided attempt to help the parity in the NBA.

The Cuban/Morey poll on last week's show is one of the closest we've ever posted. As of this writing, it's all tied up at 53-53!

Mark Cuban agrees on max contracts, but says if it goes, so should guaranteed deals. We disagree.

We end up talking a bit about Mark Cuban's thoughts on age limits in the NBA.


Going to Vegas to put money on our numbers has become a tradition for Patrick.

I have some thoughts on variance in predictions due to minutes.

Reminder, it's hard to win just fifteen games in the NBA. Only 27 teams in NBA history have achieved this. Of course, the Milwaukee Bucks did this last year, and I have recently relocated to Wisconsin...

Check out Basketball on Paper, which talks about slowing down the pace if you're a bad team. The 76ers have been going for an up-tempo pace though.

The 76ers did indeed trade for Bogans. Oh yeah, he's already been waived.

Patrick had some words to say about Sheridan Hoops thoughts on a few over/unders.

Patrick missed two of his bets by one game last season!

For your consideration: Trevor Ariza vs. Chandler Parsons career numbers.

Disagreeing with us is fine. We do get upset when your logic is inconsistent!

For your consideration: Thabo Sefolosha vs. Anthony Morrow career numbers.

The NBA Geek falls far from the tree. Patrick says his dad is smart, but that his NBA logic "makes Bill Simmons look like a Nobel Prize winner."

Here's what old boxscores used to look like (thanks Basketball-Reference!). It's not surprising people are in love with points!

Reminder, Scott Brooks is not a good coach!

Patrick remains confident the Wolves can crack 30 wins.

Patrick thinks the Cavs and Spurs should be overs. Of course, hard to know how much they'll rest their stars.

Will LeBron's new physique make him more dangerous?


I was on an on-line game show over at Channel Awesome(@ChannelAwesome) They were great hosts, and it was a ton of fun. I even talked some hoops. I'll let you know when it's out.

AL_S gets props for knowing the NBA CBA well enough to talk the no-strike clause in under five minutes of my post going up.

Daniel Leroux(@DannyLeroux) had both Patrick and Arturo on the RealGM podcast to talk the Southeast division.

RealGM(@RealGM) also gets another shoutout for having historical transaction information.

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