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The Geeks are back to talk Ray Rice, the Hawks, and how to grade teams in the offseason.



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Ray Rice and misconceptions with domestic abuse.

Patrick wrote a piece about the misconceptions on domestic abuse in regards to the Ray Rice incident.

Here is the Vox piece Patrick references that elaborates the point.

I think Patrick sums up the problem with Stephen A. Smith's remarks best: he is spreading misinformation that is hurting those that need help in regards to domestic abuse.

Arturo points out an uncomfortable second part of this. League of Denial, for instance, makes the notes that concussions may impact mental health. And who knows if Ray Rice has been impacted by brain damage.

An uncomfortable point Patrick brings up: The NFL is not doing anything to help or protect Janay Palmer.

The Atlanta Hawks and Racism

I wrote about why Bruce Levenson's email about the Hawks ticket sales is racist and ignores very simple data.

Danny Ferry's remarks were either racist, or Ferry is very bad at his job. Patrick says either is a firing offense.

The Caroline Scale

Ari Caroline (@aricaroline) got us all excited with an email thread about how to rank teams in the offseason. Using the following scale (now named the Caroline Scale):

  • 1 - the team fell apart.
  • 2 - the team got worse.
  • 3 - the team stayed the course.
  • 4 - the team improved.
  • 5 - the team had a major upgrade

The second part is to make sure the average grade for all the teams in the NBA is 3, gives us all a fun way to grade the offseason.

Patrick took the first crack with the scale and rated the Timberwolves at 2. That's remarkable given the fact that they lost Love.

Arturo takes offense to Patrick calling J.J. Barea the worst point guard in the NBA. If the shoe fits...

We go in major depth about the Wolves, tune in!

"If the Pelicans could find a way to get Austin Rivers to disappear, they'd be a 5." - Arturo

If Derrick Rose comes back, the Bulls could be a strong 4. Famous last words by Patrick.

Arturo thinks the Denver Nuggets could make a major jump this year.


Ari Caroline (@aricaroline) for the amazing Caroline Scale.

Bomani Jones for his amazing Tweet.

Christopher Baxter (@cbax) for his spot on comic about how rooting for teams has uncomfortable social side effects. Check out his webcomic every Monday and Thursday at

Anita Sarkeesian (@femfreq) for her video "Women as Background Decoration"

Zoe Quinn (@TheQuinnspiracy) for her handling of "Gamer Gate." Check out her game Depression Quest.

Ethan Strauss (@SherwoodStrauss) for his Tweets on Stephen Curry and Chauncey Billups

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