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Welcome back for part two with special guests: the That Thing You Like Podcast! Brian Shirlaw (@brian_rs) and Chris Baxter(@cbax) finish our marathon discussion on wrestling with power rankings and shout outs.

Make sure to catch part one.


The That Thing You Like Podcast is great, I'd definitely add it to your feed. Make sure to like That Thing You Like's Facebook page and of course follow them on Twitter at @TTYLShow.

This Week's Poll

A filler rerun in our normal spot! This week's real poll has spoilers for this week's episode, so I put it below the notes, scroll down at your own peril!

Show Notes

Power Rankings

A staple of the TTYL show is power rankings. In a draft like fashion, the hosts pick their three favorite characters in a pop-culture item. Sometimes, they fail, like Chris's selection in Game of Thrones... Check out 1:03:55 to see what I mean.

Brian Foster played the part of commissioner, unlike ping-pong balls, our randomizer is a bit simpler.

Great TTYL episode on Legend of Korra.

One key to good power rankings is constructing a good team, so we had some rules.

  • Pick three wrestlers from any era.
  • Two of your wrestlers have to be a tag team together, with a good reason.
  • Two of your wrestlers have to be in a feud (This can also be the tag team).

Round 1

Chris selected Mick Foley(@realmickfoley)

Brian selected the Rock(@TheRock)

Dre selected Triple H(@TripleH)

Brian points out the Rock is amazing on social media. Definitely worth a follow.

Triple H has a great documentary you can catch on Netflix.

Triple H tore his quad in a match. Logically, you keep going.

Round 2

Dre selected Chyna(@ChynatheIcon)

Brian selected Daniel Bryan(@WWEDanielBryan)

Chris selected Bayley(@itsBayleyWWE)

Vince Russo penned a great piece on why Chyna belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Chris Jericho interview about power of losing and putting others over.

The Rock lost to the Hurricane for example.

Bayley about how she'd hug the Undertaker

Chris explains how Charlotte vs. Bayley was great match, even though Bayley lost.

Round 3

Chris selected R.D. Evans(@Oh_Robert_Evans)

Brian selected A.J. Lee(@WWEAJLee)

Dre selected Andre the Giant.

Chris has a hilarious strip on people having the same name.

A.J. Lee was not the women's champ when we recorded this podcast. Observe Brian's precognitive abilities!

James Adomian had a different take on pro-wrestling.

Sadly, Vince McMahon has not handled openly gay wrestlers well.

The NFL had a surprisingly progressive commercial.

Brian did throw out that the WWE is getting better in regards to female wrestling feuds. Although, calling them Divas, not the best start.

Cyndi Lauper did a music video for the Goonies, which has virtually nothing to do with the movie; that has a cameo from Andre, the Giant!

@boxbrown has a biography comic for Andre the Giant.

The original streak ending. Andre lost to Hogan in Wrestlemania 3.


Brian's team is Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee as "Team Adult Relationship" to feud with the Rock.

Chris's team is Bayley and R.D. Evans as "Team Hug-Friends" to feud with crazy Cactus Jack.

Dre's team is Chyna and Andre the Giant as "Team Wonders of the World" to feud with Triple H.

We discuss the Woo vs. Yes! poll. While TTYL sides with Yes!, the poll has Woo! up by a large margin.

We agree, all great podcasts need a great Brian.

This Week's Poll

Shout Outs

Chris shouts out Jordan Bowman(@jBowmancouver) and Wyatt Arndt(@TheStanchion). They write for the Province paper at the Legion of Blog. They have several podcasts: the Legion of Blogcast -- At the Movies...10 Years Later

Brian shouts out Chris Baxter(@cbax) for his great webcomic at, making him a three-time recipient!

Brian shouts out Erika Moen(@ErikaMoen), for her great webcomic, which is a perfect blend of sex-ed and funny. She also has a great Patreon Account, which lets you support her work. Seriously, an easy investment that's well worth it.

Erika Moen was on the That Thing You Like podcast, and it was amazing. Brian leaks that she'll be back on soon with a subject they'll reveal at a later date.

I shout out the Cracked Podcast, specifically the recent one on statistics, which delves into sports a ton.

I shout out the great documentary Stripped, which talks about comics. Dave Kellet(@davekellet) and Fred Schroeder(@FredSchroeder) did a great job. The sale I mention is over sadly, but it's still easily worth the cost.


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