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Special guests this week: the That Thing You Like Podcast! Brian Shirlaw (@Brian_RS) and Chris Baxter(@cbax) are on to talk podcasting, Chris' webcomic -- -- and wrestling!


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Show Notes

That Thing You Like! TTYL for short.

We start the show discussing Chris and Brian's amazing podcast. Seriously, check it out!

Tune in for a fun discussion on starting a podcast, lessons learned, and growing pains

Podcast Love: The Nerdist!

That Thing You Like started around the great reality TV Show "Strip Search," which found the next best web comic. If you haven't seen it, check it out!

There was a great TTYL episode on "How I Met Your Mother," which helped spawn some writing from me on it, as well as a BSG podcast on it too!

TTYL's hero is Film Crit Hulk(@FilmCritHulk). He actually liked the How I Met Your Mother finale....

TTYL has had some great guests from "Strip Search" on the show including:

It's definitely easy to get flustered as a podcaster when people you admire agree to be on your show. You can tell with me when Paul Shirley was a guest

Podcast Love: The Short Corner Podcast

Oh yeah, I was on TTYL to discuss "Strip Search."

Podcast Love: The Chainsaw Suit podcast is great. They started around the same time TTYL did. We're all big fans.

Podcast Lesson Learned: Listen to your audio as you record. Irony, we forgot to make sure Brian Foster's feed was active this show...

Podcast Lesson Learned: It's ok to go over predetermined limits. It's ok to split up long interviews too.

Podcast Love: "You Made It Weird" with Pete Holmes

Podcast Love: Kevin Smith, I think he has 20 or 30 at this point.

Podcast Love: The Steve Austin Show - Unleashed!

Podcast Love: Talk is Jericho

Great TTYL Episode on sports and sports fandom, including geeks and stats.

Great TTYL Episode on "Cabin in the Woods"

Great TTYL Episode on "Seconds" by Bryan Lee O'Malley

Also, make sure to check out "Seconds" by Brian Lee O'Malley.

Great TTYL Episode on "Love Actually", a great new webcomic

If you liked that one, check out for more!

Tune in for a surprise intervention I give to Chris about being too humble as an artist.

Also, a hilarious Penny-Arcade on interventions.

Square Space advertises on every podcast. Even on ones they don't pay for ad this one...

Kris Straub's Broodhollow is another great webcomic.

Kevin Smith's sister gave him some good advice when he said he wanted to be a film maker.

OK, be a filmmaker. Don’t think ‘I want to be’, just think that you are a filmmaker who just hasn’t made a film yet.


There are a ton of great documentaries out there on wrestling. Many are or were on Netflix at one point.

Great TTYL "Iron Man" Episode on Wrestlemania XXX with Tavis Maiden

Undertaker's streak ending was hit and miss. Chris Jericho had a good take on it on his podcast.

Chris would have preferred to see Bo Dallas end Undertaker's streak.

We talk a little about the WWE since the TTYL show on it. Daniel Bryan beating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31 is the only logical conclusion to Brian.

"Beyond the Mat" is a great documentary on wrestling.

The WWE seems a bit trapped in the past. Pro-sports has the fact that age means old players stop being relevant. Wrestling is a bit different.

The issues in major sports - concussions, bankruptcy, etc. are just as bad, if not worse, in wrestling. Ric Flair, for instance, is still wrestling because he needs the money.

For the complaints we give to most major CBAs; wrestling is worse!

"Wrestling is a billion dollar industry that is fun like it's a f***ing carnival" - Brian

It's worth wondering if the concussion issues with the NFL will also impact wrestling.

I was lucky enough to meet Chris Nowinski "at Sloan", who has done a done in concussion research.

The NBA's big contract deal could be huge. Except, oh yeah, they're horribly behind the curve when it comes to digital rights and streaming.

I still refuse to watch this clip on Giancarlo Stanton getting hit in the face with a baseball.

Wrestling, Canadians? Of course, we talk the Montreal Screwjob! This is nothing new, Arturo, and I had a long discussion on this.

Jim Cornette shoots on the Montreal Screw Job.

TTYL is all about the storytelling in pop-culture; the ideal superhero movie is talking in a diner.

Podcast Love: The Attitude Era Podcast

We give some love to Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart in Wrestlemania 13.

The 'Wrestling is fake' has stopped doing it for me as an argument, because almost all media and entertainment is scripted or has rules and constraints.

Blurring the lines on sports and scripted, TTYL has an episode on 'Friday Night Lights.'

Podcast Love: The Cracked Podcast

Cracked Podcast episode on how movies follow the same narrative beats.

Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat had their fight for Wrestlemania 3 incredibly scripted.

We have nothing but the utmost respect for Jim Ross. I still can't understand his firing.

Jim Cornette talks about how the end of the match should have emotion and not just feeling bad. The Undertaker streak ending didn't succeed in that regard.

What if Joss Whedon took the reigns writing for WWE?

The WWE has definitely had behind the scene grudges. This arguably adds to fan enjoyment.

Vince McMahon has been the mad dictator of WWE. Of course, other sports have similar figures.

"Gilmore Girls is being released on Netflix. #GilmoreGirls" - Chris

More show love: Nostalgia Critic and Nostalgia Chick.

True Lies is another movie that gets awkward to remember liking on introspection.

And wow, that's the most links I've done in a show writeup! We're only halfway done too. Tune in on Monday for Wrestling Power Rankings and Shout Outs.

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