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Dre flies solo and talks NBA ratings, parity, and Bill Simmons suspension.


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Parity and TV Ratings

This offseason I got to thinking about the value of NBA parity in relationship to ratings thanks to great stuff from Ethan Sherwood-Strauss.

Bleacher Report noted that the NBA's ratings in its three biggest markets dropped.

The Nielsen Ratings say the same thing.

The NBA currently has teams in San Antonio, Indiana, and Oklahoma with top talent. Meanwhile, the Lakers, Bulls, Nets, and Knicks have started to struggle.

It turns out not every market is equal in regard to available fans and income. And treating every team as equal places a value on certain fans.

The NBA's decision of where to place teams is where local governments are willing to help pay for stadiums. This is less than ideal.

NBA Digital Media

Kevin Draper's great piece on how the NBA is squandering their edge for their upcoming TV deal, especially their digital media.

NBA League Pass Broadband/Mobile has been a joke of a product for years. Oh yeah, the price went up this year too!

Even the WWE, which can feel like it's run by carnies, has a better grasp on digital media than the NBA!

Blackout restrictions are stupid. Although on September 30th, some may go away!

Bill Simmons' Suspension

Brandon Marshall had an awkward press conference.

Still, Roger Goodell's was worse.

Bill Simmons was suspended for calling Goodell a liar, in a curse-word laden rant.

A reminder about considering ESPN as a news source:

Oh yeah, ESPN has a $15 billion deal with the NFL. Conflict of interest anyone?

Brian has pointed out that ESPN "analysts" are trained to get views by being outrageous. So it's somewhat disingenuous of ESPN to act outraged when they do.

In the Wages of Wins, Dave's first story was how fans come back after strikes/lockouts. The reality is that fans may act mad but still comeback.

If you want ESPN to listen, talk with your wallet, not your Tweets:

Don't forget Goodell has been worse answering questions on concussions in front of congress.

Shout Outs

Robert Currence for his great comments on defense!

Artis Gilmore, who is one of the biggest snubs in Hall of Fame history.

And, of course, Bill Simmons for saying what needed to be said and showing some cracks in ESPN.


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