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How bad can the 76ers be? What we think of Charles Barkley's opinions on Ferguson. Finally, we have some opinions on the NFL and general sports reporting.


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The 76ers

The 76ers avoided starting the season 18-0! This derailed them from matching their worst-all-time losing streak.

This year's 76ers are "lead" by three average players. Not a great start.

The 76ers have done well not spending money poorly. Now, they need to start spending their money wisely.

Dave Berri's suggestion is to fire GMs that miss the playoffs for three straight seasons. So Hinkie's got a year to turn it around.

Charles Barkley and Ferguson

A few days ago, Barkley made some comments about Ferguson.

He doubled down on his comments.

Vox is great. And they had a good breakdown on how different races are treated in this country.

My first issue with Ferguson and some of the responses are how much U.S. history people have to forget when using the "looting and rioting is unacceptable." I tweeted a bit about this recently.

Also, the Boston Tea Party, the original racist American team?

Check out Idea Channel's video on the No True Scotsman fallacy.

I consider Barkley less of "No True Scotsman" and more victim blaming. Seriously, pants come up in racism discussions too much in my opinion.

Also, sorry, it irks me how much some people are upset by property damage, and how they gloss over human deaths.

It's worth noting rich and famous people have a skewed reality as Chris Rock recently talked about.

Reminder, Charles Barkley got arrested for a DUI. During this, he refused a breathalyzer.

Dave Chappelle's sketch on white collar vs. blue collar crime is hilarious. We could only find a subsection of it Youtube.

People do miss the disparity in lifestyles between rich and poor. They even miss rich vs. ultra-rich. "Millionaires vs. Billionaires" is the difference between $100 in your pocket and $100,000!

Sports Reporting

ESPN 30 for 30 is great. We loved many of them related to college sports.

  • The Fab 5
  • The Dotted Line
  • Unguarded
  • Roll Tide/Roll Eagle
  • Broke
  • You Don’t Know Bo
  • Survive and Advance
  • Elway to Marino
  • Youngstown Boys
  • Requiem for the Big East
  • Brian and the Boz
  • Rand University
  • The U part 1 and part 2

Sports news often has a problem with "very serious people."

We jump off talking about "Brian and the Boz."

Bosworth sold shirts to angry Broncos fans to "boo" him

We talk a little wrestling. Check out: "Beyond the Matt", "For All Mankind", and "Wrestling with Shadows."

Sadly, concussions may have been a problem for Bosworth.

PBS NewsHour talked about the NFL, concussions, and abuse.

Jonathan Weiler and the ESPN watch is great. We loved when brought up how bad ESPN's "journalism" was with an interview with Ray Rice's wife.

Aziz Ansari had a great sketch about being on the wrong side of history.

The tobacco industry in the 60s is a great comparison for the modern NFL.

Shout Outs

Dan Stryker ( is a talented illustrator and designer. He's also a fan of the show that demands more shout outs from Brian! Ironically, Brian's mic cuts out for most of it...

Great Tweet from Jeb.

LisaThinksALot is another great YouTube channel. Check it out!

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