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This week's show is all about the NBA Trade Deadline. We focus on:

The Bucks trading for Nikola Mirotic

The Raptors trading for Marc Gasol

The Lakers being reasonable in their attempt for Anthony Davis (but wrong for letting Zubac go)

How the Mavericks, Clippers, and Knicks are all doing the same strategy (clearing space for a blockbuster free agent) Of course, there aren't enough to go around.

Tune in!

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We talk:

The blockbuster trade between Dallas and New York that traded Kristaps Porzingis and DeAndre Jordan.

We also talk some about the classic: "overvaluing big men" trope.

A little more Anthony Davis gossip, we're kind of in limbo until things settle.

How Rudy Gobert getting snubbed from the All-Star game proves Donovan Mitchell right. Also, how weird it is how people reacted to him crying.

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We talk:

Small Topics

  • Why Blake Griffin can be great at offense but a below-average big in the NBA.
  • How Faried and Cousins look good in new environments.
  • How it sucks that Victor Oladipo is injured.
  • A fun history story about the Warriors.

Big Topic #1: Why the Naismith Hall of Fame is a sham, especially compared to Cooperstown.

Big Topic #2: Anthony Davis trade rumors. We go meta on this one talking about the news cycle. This is right before we engage in the same rumor mill discussion :)

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We spend the first 20-25 minutes of the show talking the NFL playoffs and wrestling. This happens right after I say we're a Rockets podcast.

We talk the Houston Rockets. We like them trading Melo and signing Faried. That said, this team is still playing from behind.

We talk Scottie Pippen and his talk about how he'd guard James Harden. We use this as an excuse to talk a geeky tangent about time travel and greatest of all teams.

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We talk:

DeAndre Jordan's free throw shooting.

Are the Warriors better than the Nuggets out west?

Houston's woes now that Clint Capela is out for two months and Eric Gordon is on his way back.

Do Kawhi Leonard and Donovan Mitchell deserve player of the week?

Should the Bulls buyout Robin Lopez?

We talk a horrible study that has inexplicably become a common "advanced analytics" staple. As Brian succinctly puts it, it's essentially a "fruit of a poison tree" scenario.

We talk issues with in-season Wins Produced and how we'll be examining things to make sure everything is running alright.

Finally, we talk Trump serving Clemson fast food.

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We talk how the NBA is normalizing using SRS.

We talk a lot of Houston, including Austin Rivers, Michael Carter-Williams, and James Harden.

We also talk about Chandler Parson and Jimmy Butler and why, no matter how frustrating they are, we don't side against the players.

We have a bunch of other tangents too as this week is a tune up show after two weeks off. Tune in!

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We talk:

Steven Adams and Stephen A. Smith have problems with players names too!

Jabari Parker is benched! Did the Bulls have a plan? On that note:

The Phoenix Suns had a plan with Ariza. Use him as a trade asset ... so close!

We talk James Dolan's motivation for saying he'd sell the Knicks.

We talk a fair bit about legalized sports wagering and the NBA, as well as their "integrity fee" proposal.

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We talk:

Why Gregg Popovich's hatred of threes is nothing new. But it might lead to some new old analytical analysis.

Why the Bulls are still horribly run.

Why the Nuggets health woes suck, and Nick Young is not the answer.

Why the Bucks made a trade that does nothing, but we still like.

Tune in!

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We talk:


Why the Wins Produced metric loves big men (it's because the NBA is built for them)


Why the Utah Jazz are struggling despite having the MVP and, in theory, all the tools to compete.

Why the Warriors are "struggling" and if they should worry. Regardless, they should not re-sign Klay Thompson.

Did the NBA get the players of the month right?

How the NBA could fix the NBA draft, thanks to sports betting data.

Tune in!

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We're back to talk:

  • Snubbing Anthony Davis' 5 by 5 on our weekly boxscore list.
  • Why are the Grizzlies so good?
  • Why are the Clippers do good?
  • Why the KD and Curry "debate" is silly.
  • A lot of analysis on the World Chess Championship by two people not very good at chess!

Tune in.

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Art Rondeau, shooting coach extradonaire returns to talk the NBA and, of course, player shooting!

We talk:
The amazingly dysfunctional Sacramento Kings, and a pet theory Art has had about how he'd fix the NBA draft (if we're forced to keep the draft)

We briefly touch on some gossip about LeBron James' time in Cleveland as well as Kevin Durant in Golden State. Topics for another day though!

We talk Art's expertise on free throw shooting to talk four big names in the NBA:
LeBron James, DeAndre Jordan, Ben Simmons, and Markelle Fultz

Tune in!

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We talk:

- Comments from last week show w/ topics like Taurean Prince, Jack McKinney, and Tyson Chandler.
- Why are the Bucks doing well?
- Steph Curry, Michael Jordan, and the "All they are" players.
- Enes Kanter on offensive rebounding.
- Fansided's spiffy new "My Top 50" NBA app.
- Tyson Chandler to the Lakers.
- Jimmy Butler's trade to Philadelphia.
- We meant to talk a lot about Melo but instead decided to talk ...
- The World Chess Championship! We're team Caruana, and it's currently a contentious match of ... three draws.

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We talk:

The Boxscores of the Week and if Stephen Curry is the MVP!

Why the 76ers aren't living up to last season.

The Lakers' woes and should they worry yet.

Are the Nuggets for real?

Why the Bucks are playing so well.

Why we side with Jimmy Butler over the owners.

tune in!

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A lot to talk. We go over:

Is it time to panic in Los Angeles?

Are the Bucks the best team in the NBA?

Are the Rockets wasting their title window?

Is Cleveland already tanking?

Do the Warriors need Klay?

Are the Warriors Moneyballing their bigs?

Tune in!

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We talk:

The Raptors hot start and the folly of advanced stats this early in the season. We also talk the Raptors' foolish "hype" video.

We talk the Lakers/Rockets fight, the whys, the implication, etc. We also talk how NBA fans are really like professional wrestling fans.

We talk why Nikola Jokic has had the best game of the year, and why the Nuggets are the new contenders!

We talk about if you should be worried about the Warriors and Rockets.

Finally, we discuss our regular segment - the top boxscores of the week. We recorded this before I posted it, so there were spoilers, BUT we posted the podcast after that post, so not really!

Tune in!

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Does Dre hate Luka Doncic? Of course not!

The NBA is back, and we talk the Southwest Division.

Michael Lewis talks analytics, and we talk Michael Lewis talking analytics. It's turtles all the way down.

Tune in!

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We talk how good the 2018-2019 Lakers look.

We also talk Chris Yeh's new book "Blitzscaling", which he co-wrote with Reid Hoffman. Check out for more info.

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We talk:

The Minnesota Timberwolves and the Jimmy Butler, Karl-Anthony Towns drama.

We also talk Andrew Wiggins place as a horrible #1 pick.

We talk the "resolution" to the Dallas Mavericks scandal.

We talk the freakiest mascot in the NHL. Tune in!

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This week's topics:

Manu Ginobili's retirement and how great he was.

"No 1A Athletes", namely athletes so good there are no close 2nds. No Michael Jordan doesn't count. We do talk Wayne Gretzky, Jerry Rice, Roger Federer (who lost after we recorded!), and Jack Nicklaus.

We talk Nike's ad campaign with Colin Kaepernick and Serena Williams, and is there hope for the future?

We talk WNBA pay and unfair criticisms it receives (and in some cases outright lying) 

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We talk a Reddit thread on a podcast on the importance of three-point shooting! Yes, it's the offseason.

We also run down a sports book's NBA preseason over/under for every NBA team and give our initial thoughts. We come with little preparation, so enjoy!

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We talk:
Carmelo Anthony *finally* signing with the Rockets
Joakim Noah being a marquee free agent soon (it's the middle of the offseason, alright?)
Andre Iguodala being right on about Kevin Durant being the most skilled scorer in NBA history.
A little talk on why any preseason prediction hype is ultimately futile.

Tune in!

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We talk:

Clint Capela's deal in Houston (and why they don't need Melo)

My article on why the Warriors aren't a lock to dominant the NBA this season.

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Just a note, as of this recording Melo to Houston has not happened. We talk as if it has. So Houston can still avoid a mistake! That said, we talk:

Kawhi Leonard ending up in Toronto.

Jabari Parker's honesty about defense.

What Melo would do in Houston - note, we misread some Tweets and assumed he was already there. There's still a shot Houston doesn't mess this up.

Kevin Love getting an extension in Cleveland.

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More offseason talk:

The Bulls pick up Jabari Parker?

The Nuggets trade Darrell Arthur and Kenneth Faried. Oddly, we approve.

We discuss more of the Kawhi Leonard drama.

Tune in!

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NBA free agency talks continue. Including:

Why the Bulls and Kings are both fools to want Zach LaVine.

Why Carmelo Anthony will hurt whichever team gets him.

The Spurs letting Kyle Anderson walk is yet another nail in the coffin of their two-decade legacy.

The Milwaukee Bucks are wasting their time with Giannis.

Why does everyone hate Dwight Howard?

We also give some props to Michele Roberts about cap smoothing.

Tune in!

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We talk:

A funny Donovan Mitchell escapade

The NBA offseason including LeBron James to the Lakers and DeMarcus Cousins to the Warriors.

Check out for more tools and analysis.

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We talk: The Great Lakes Analytics Sports Conference

Kawhi Leonard's drama with the Spurs

The NBA Draft, particularly Michael Porter Jr. and Luka Doncic

The NBA Awards - shoulder shrug

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We talk:

- A wrap-up of the NBA Finals and why we're ok with the Finals MVP
- Should Golden State let Draymond Green and Klay Thompson walk?
- How good is LeBron James?
- Lots of offseason rumors and moves including - where will Bron go, Kawhi and the Spurs, the Clippers, and new coaches in Detroit and Orlando

Tune in!

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Our topics:

Kevin Durant's villain status and how the NBA is a lot like professional wrestling.

Bryan Colangelo's burner Twitter accounts.

The Houston Rockets' offseason plans and if Chris Paul is worth the max.

The NBA Finals, this Bron guy is good, huh?

Finally, some National Anthem talk, sadly.

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We discuss the wrap-up of the NBA Conference Finals:
Houston vs. Golden State - So close it's easy to nitpick. Does anyone know the odds?

Boston vs. Cleveland - We pretty much wax effusive about LeBron James

Also, does the Kevin Durant villain narrative track?

Tune in!

Check out for more tools and analysis.

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We talk:
The Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Boston Celtics
The Golden State Warriors vs. the Houston Rockets
Mike Budenholzer to the Bucks

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We talk the NBA Conference Finals:
Cleveland vs. Toronto - LeBron James!
Philadelphia vs. Boston - Brad Stevens is magic?
Golden State vs. New Orleans - Warriors win at "War."
Houston vs. Utah - Shame Utah wasn't full strength.

We also talk some coaching situations including Brad Stevens missing out on coach of the year and Becky Hammon interviewing with the Bucks.

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We talk:

The Warriors vs. the Pelicans - is Kerr playing too small?
The Rockets vs. the Jazz - is Donovan Mitchell a star? No.
The 76ers vs. the Celtics - We recorded this during game 2. Not much to say.

The Cavaliers vs the Raptors - Our title gives a clue.

We also talk the Knicks acquiring coach Fizdale.

Tune in!

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It's been a while since Dave Berri has been in studio, so we catch up on:

The National Pro Fastpitch draft.

The NFL draft.

NCAA "cheating" by paying its athletes.

The NBA playoffs.

Tune in!

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We talk:
The first round of the NBA Playoffs (this was recorded on Thursday 4/26/2018) - This is most of the show, shocker!
The NBA's problem with big men.
A little bit about Kawhi's situation.

Tune in!

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This week we talk:
-NBA Playoffs, how is the first round going?
-Did the NBA esports league give the G-League pay raises?
-A brief glimpse of the top jersey sales in the NBA
-538 pivoting away from sports?
-And, of course, some more Billy Mitchell

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We talk the NBA Playoffs
- We talk about Denver's almost historic finish.
- We talk Patrick's 3K Jazz bet wilting at the last second.
- Using copy/pasted odds we realize are off like 3/4 through we give
a brief prediction of each series.

We talk Donovan Mitchell's argument that Ben Simmons isn't a rookie.

We talk Russell Westbrook's second triple-double season, and why it's fine if he padded his stats.

We talk about Billy Mitchell finally losing his video game high score records!

Tune in!

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We talk:

  • - The Nuggets/Bucks "April Fools Day Game" and the nuttiest outcome I've ever seen.
  • - Kawhi Leonard leaving the Spurs and why we can't argue any logic with it.
  • - Hassan Whiteside's benching and the problem with "matchup play."
  • - The NBA, esports, and gamers being worth more to the NBA than G-League players?

Tune in!

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This week's topics include:

  • Should the Warriors be in panic mode, and some sleeper opponents for them in the playoffs.
  • The 76ers may be a contender! And is Markelle Fultz back?
  • A breakdown of why many of the top NBA teams do have an Achilles heel, with the exclusion of the 76ers.
  • Of course, some more Nuggets and Donovan Mitchell talk, because it's what we do!

Tune in!

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We're back! We talk:

  • The Nuggets and the foolish ways they're missing the playoffs
  • Why the Warriors are a "Black Swan"
  • Of course more Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, and Rudy Gobert
  • UConn and women's sports
  • Daniel Bryan returning to the WWE.


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We're back! We talk:

  • If and why the Spurs are declining.
  • Why the Warriors need to cut it out with small ball.
  • Whatifs with Chris Paul
  • Are the Raptors built for the playoffs?

Tune in!

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This week's show is pretty much all Lakers. We discuss Lonzo Ball and the Rookie of the Year "race" (It's Ben Simmons, but Lonzo should medal in front of Donovan Mitchell) We talk various historical three-point shooters that might do better in the modern NBA. We also talk why the Lakers might be the best free agent destination this coming offseason.

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We're back! This week's topic:

  • The 2018 MIT Sloan Analytics Conference, and why it probably isn't for you.
  • More tanking talk, with some insight from a conversation with Sam Hinkie.
  • Why the NCAA is bogus, and how the tides might be turning against it.
  • Around the league, featuring the Washington Wizards, Denver Nuggets, Milwaukee Bucks, and Golden State Warriors.

Check out for tools and numbers, and for written content. Seeya next time!

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checkout for more tools, and for written content.

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Category:NBA -- posted at: 5:18am EST

Check out for more tools and for blog posts.

Direct download: bsg-188.mp3
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The Super Bowl,
The horrendous Cavs
Various NBA trades
Forbes NBA values,
Videogame record scandals.

Checkout for more posts!

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Checkout for show writeups and for more tools!

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Check out for more tools and analysis.

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Jessica Luther returns to talk her book, Larry Nassar, coverage of women's sports, and more! Tune in!

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Eugence Fischer is back to talk the second movie in the new Star Wars trilogy. Tune in! Also check out for NBA related stuff.

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We're back to talk Pokemon Go, movie grosses, and a little basketball! Houston and Golden State prove numbers right. Are big men extinct? Was the past NBA better? Tune in to find out!

Check out for more content and analysis.

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Check out for more analysis and tools.

Direct download: bsg-181.mp3
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Defense! Which teams are hot, why Kareem was wrong about UCLA, and more!

Check out for more tools and analysis.

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Check out for more analysis and tools.

Direct download: bsg_179.mp3
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Check out for more tools and analysis.

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Check out Dave's original article at Forbes here -

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Category:NBA -- posted at: 2:32pm EST

Check out for more tools and analysis.

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The Cavs and Warriors are slipping, the Suns fire Earl Watson, and more! Check out for more tools and analysis.

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The NBA is back! Too much news to break it down easily. Check out for more tools and analysis.

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Check out for Dave's writing at Forbes and for more tools and analysis.

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Check out for Dave's Weekly piece at Forbes.

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Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: qa_db3.mp3
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We talk the WNBA Finals, the Nuggets "big man problem", the new Draft Lottery, and the new All-Star game format. Tune in!

Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg_174.mp3
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Dave is back to talk the leaked financials that claim the NBA is losing money. He also breaks down more NBA money myths.

Direct download: db_qa2.mp3
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We're back! We talk Melo to OKC, Wade to Cleveland, and Trump attacking the NFL ... again. Tune in!

Check out for more tools and analysis.

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Welcome to a hopefully weekly segment! We'll talk with Dave Berri(@wagesofwins) about his weekly article at Forbes. This week's topic: WNBA and how they underpay their players.

Direct download: db_qa_1.mp3
Category:Sports -- posted at: 10:00am EST

Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-172.mp3
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We talk:-How the Morris Twins are ruining the Eastern Conference.

-How the Morris Twins are ruining the Eastern Conference.
-Why Ben Wallace deserved first-ballot Hall of Fame.
-Kobe's jersey retirments.
-Why NBA player rankings are silly.
-Issues with "Advanced Analytics."
-Rick and Morty.

Check out for more tools and analysis.

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Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-170.mp3
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Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-169.mp3
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Also tune in for Rick and Morty vs. Game of Thrones! Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-168.mp3
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Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-167.mp3
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Direct download: bsg-166.mp3
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Direct download: bsg-163.mp3
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Direct download: bsg-162.mp3
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Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-161.mp3
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We talk the NBA Finals, ratings, and if Kyrie Irving is the next Kobe Bryant. Tune in! Check out for more analysis and tools.

Direct download: bsg-160.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:41pm EST

Also some NBA Finals talk! Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-159.mp3
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We also talk the NBA draft, the 2017 NBA Finals, and more! Tune in! Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-158.mp3
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The NBA Playoffs, Durant's comments on parity in the playoffs, and the Raptors' Artificial Intelligence. Tune in! Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-157.mp3
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We break down: the second round of the playoffs, the future of NBA media, Lonzo Ball's shoe deal, my Kobe hate, and Moana vs. Frozen.

Go to for more analysis and tools.

Direct download: bsg-156.mp3
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Check out for more analysis and tools!

Direct download: bsg-155.mp3
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Playoffs, playoffs, and more playoffs! Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-154.mp3
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The Boxscore Geeks portfolio "final" results, a playoff overview, and some other random topics. Check out for more tools and analysis!

Direct download: bsg-153.mp3
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We review our preseason predictions, three-point defense, Steph Curry, and how silly the MVP race is.

Direct download: bsg-152.mp3
Category:NBA -- posted at: 11:43am EST

Check out for more analysis and tools.

Direct download: bsg-151.mp3
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Triple Doubles, grading NBA franchises, rest, Devin Booker, Nurkic, and more! Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-150.mp3
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Check out for more tools and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-149.mp3
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Tune in to listen to Art Rondeau talk about his time as Allan Houston's shooting coach at the start Dolan-era Knicks.

Direct download: bsg-148.mp3
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Where stars are drafted, Russell Westbrook's opportunity cost, the Houston's offense, position schemes in the NBA, Sloan Analytics, and more! Check out for more analysis and tools.

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Checkout for more analysis and advanced stats tools.

Direct download: bsg-146.mp3
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We talk: the Serge Ibaka for Terrence Ross trade, the Mason Plumlee for Jusuf Nurkic trade, and common stat mistakes. Check for more stats and analysis. 

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Go to for more stats and analysis!

Direct download: bsg-144.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:53am EST

We talk

  • Joel Embiid
  • Trading Melo and Cousins
  • More Dram in Chicago
  • All-Star Reserves

Check out for more analysis and stats!

Direct download: bsg-143.mp3
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We discuss one of the top ten hockey movies made by Disney in the 90s with special guests: the "That Thing You Like Podcast"

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter at



Also follow hosts Chris Baxter (@cbax) and Brian Shirlaw (@brian_rs) as well as their great comic


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Is Joel Embiid a star?
Should the Wolves trade Ricky Rubio?
Should the Warriors be worried?
Jokic is good and do the Nuggets finally have a point guard?

Check out for more notes, stats, and analysis.

Direct download: bsg-142.mp3
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More notes and stats at

Direct download: bsg-141.mp3
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Check out for more stats and analysis.

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